A different world ron and kim dating

A different world ron and kim dating

Impressed she struggles

Gina, Terrence, Matthew, Shazza Shazza Zulu, a student in his sixth year of undergraduate work, publishes a book discussing the sexist behavior of men at Hillman. She is horrified after visiting an adoption fair and watching all of the potential parents ignore Alex in favor of infants and toddlers. Gina has been dating an up-and-coming rapper named Dion, a. Whitley stops the thief with some help from the police, but the gift is broken.

Turman makes his directorial debut. Predictably, it shows drastically different takes. He singles out Kim as someone who has turned against her race by dating a white man. She attends an auction in Washington, D. When he comes clean with the girl he likes the most, she is not as understanding as he had hoped.

She and Dwayne are disgustedFreddie has a crush

Jaleesa goes all out to secure the account of a potential client who is obsessed with sports. Walter lobbies the dean on his behalf and convinces him to let Ron take the final. Dwayne dreams that he devotes himself to science at the expense of everything else.

She finally lets him pose for the calendar, but superimposes his face on someone else's body. Gaines tap dances with musical accompaniment from Col. She observes Dwayne and Whitley's example and decides that they can learn to appreciate each other's differences. Gina, Terrence, Matthew Whitley plans to sleep with Dwayne for the first time on his birthday. Dwayne hears Garth discuss a disturbing incident involving another woman.

Fate intervened before a decision had to be made about whether to axe Lisa Bonet when the newly married Mrs. She and Dwayne are disgusted to learn that they must be partners. Freddie has a crush on Hillman's new top-notch baseball star Garth Parks played by Taimak.

Fate intervened before a decision

She is especially repulsed by the possibility of working at a mortuary with Kim. Kim cares about Matthew, but is uncertain about their relationship.

Matthew insists that his passion for acting is as great as Kim's devotion to medicine, and offers the opinion that art is just as important as science. Gaines tries to placate his wife, who complains that he is not as amorous as he was at one time.

Impressed, she struggles to convince him to take part in the show. Dwayne now worries that the same thing could happen to him. Kinu finally snaps and takes it upon herself to fire Whitley. Ron seeks solace by stuffing his face with Mrs.

Sinbad does not appear in this episode. Kinu catches Dwayne trying to console her. Jaleesa reluctantly allows her to temporarily stay at her apartment across the hall from Dwayne's. Ron's father punishes him for refusing to work at the dealership by cutting him out of the family's Hawaiian vacation.