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He definitely shows an Anti-Catholic viewpoint. If the letter itself must be mentioned, there are so many other things that would need to be mentioned as well - including the Lucifer taxil hoax. While Trentanove was working on the commission, Masons lobbied members of Congress for public land in Washington, D.

Either the statue will be taken down gracefully or it will be torn down. She is wearing a long Greek robe and facing downward, her ankles crossed and feet dangling. There is not a jot of reliable proof that Albert Pike was ever a member, much less an officer, of the Klan. This was a terrible black mark against Pike and his brigade, as well as the Confederate cause, and he was eventually forced to hightail it into the Arkansas woods to avoid prosecution. If there is a actual statement made by Pike that has been deemed anti-catholic by third party sources, then by all means include it.

This was also true in the s. Have deleted the entire section until this debate is cleared up. He was an important figure, and in late nineteenth century Masonry it mattered what he thought. And yes, he was a brother Mason.

Because many second hand sources

Albert Pike Recreation Area of Arkansas

Because many second hand sources don't quote Masonic authors correctly, we should be wary of using them. In trying to show that it wasn't needed, you yourself have provided a verifiable source for it, so I think you defeated your own argument - something needs to at least be said about it. However, I would feel better if the quote were not used at all.

Since then, the recreation area has been closed to public use. He is wearing a double-breasted vest and a long coat. This was followed by loud cheers from the crowd and a prayer given by Masonic chaplain Charles Alvin Smith. Mackey and Pike were also very close.

Satanic order someone believes the Taxil hoax. No one could or can do that. We need better monitoring and managing of this article as it seems that people who dislike Albert Pike have been able to corrupt this article unchecked.

Although Albert Pike was a soldier in the Civil War, this statue will commemorate him rather as a victor in the honorable rivalries of peace. There is no doubt, though, that he was among the most influential Masons of his time. Outside his Jurisdiction no one paid him any attention.

Worse, reports were circulated that at least one Union soldier had been scalped. As to the level of acceptance his words have within the community. The domain name seems to have changed.

Blueboar may be able to provide that as a positive statement. It will long stand as a loving tribute from his brethren of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Trentanove was an acquaintance of Pike and had recently received praise for his sculpture of Jacques Marquette housed in the National Statuary Hall Collection.

Camping areas are still not available at this time, and remain closed until further notice. The only reason he is not long forgotten is that he was used by Taxil in his hoax. It should be left out completely.