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Guess what the next day htc released a statement saying that they wanted too keep there coustamers happy and that the bootloader would be unlocked. However, CyanogenMod support was more difficult to gain than for other phones because the Atrix shipped with uncommon features, such as WebTop support and a fingerprint reader. Motoblur is the same for both systems.

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Android Tracking Ice Cream Sandwich's Availability on Smartphones - TechSpot

So it turnd out thousands of people got on there facebook wall and twitter. However, that build drained battery power rapidly and did not come with the kernel source, meaning that it could not be used for stable development purposes. And also if moto started supporting devices longer not just bug fixes but the new android flavors. Id definately make my next device a moto it would do nothing but benefit them. The atrix is percent capable of runing ics and theres no excuae for it l not too recieve it just because moto wants people too buy new devices every couple months.

Htc decided all futre devices would have locked bootliaders well that made alot of people angry.