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The watermark capability is rather unique and I've not seen it included by default in similar tools. The default setup is nice and clean and gives you a decent idea as to what you can expect. You can easily tweak the code to add more functionality for taking customization to a new level. Since it's a fresh install, at the moment there is just the one but more can be added if necessary.

Boonex Dolphin is available in a number of licenses. Keeping this in mind, Boonex Dolphin enables administrators to change their membership as per their choice.

Under the tools menu, there are a number of options, as you can see below. Mix and match the modules you need.

Some of these are implemented wellWith categories and socialThis is perhaps because they do

Some of these are implemented well, while others could use some improvements. Photos Upload, browse and share photos. This makes for easy navigation changes and from what I can tell, everything worked without issue. This is perhaps because they do not want to stick to the rules of the existing communities, for the sake of introducing more flexibility for offering new and interesting way of interactions. Forums Advanced discussion forums with categories, rating, moderation, auto-splitting and rich-formatting.

With categories and social sharing features. Sounds Upload and share sound files. Groups Create and manage groups, with admins, members, forums, social features, photos and other media.

In this Boonex Dolphin Review, I'm going to take you on a tour of the free edition and discuss some of my thoughts on the product and its uses. Chat-like message box where anyone can post a quick line. The issue of the input boxes being too small is present here as well though and needs to be corrected.

While a few users make money by selling membership, some sell different levels of membership. Videos Upload, record and share videos. Payments Connect your payment gateways to collect payments supported by different modules. Profiler Display loading timings for developers.

This is pretty much standard stuff that most system have built in. You can get it for free the community edition or in a plan which gives you various options.

Installation is pretty straight forward. Simple Messenger Basic text messenger for quick communication. There are basic configuration options such as meta descriptions present and permalinks can be configured. Plans There are three plans on offer namely, Standard, Industry-typical, and Prime.

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It does not include the basic features that the other two plans come with, which include all Dolphin modules, lifetime updates, and no branding. Chat Multi-user video chat with concurrent video streaming, custom rooms and rich formatting. One thing that Boonex Dolphin is not lacking in is its configuration settings, which allows you to really keep your system clean and functional while controlling almost every aspect of it. The system also allows handling contacts and blocking unwanted users.

Photos Upload browse and

This helps in displaying some most interesting posts from profiles. This is something that this software offers. Conclusion There are a few things that I've identified above in this Boonex Dolphin review that I'd consider more annoyances than real major concerns and I'm sure they'll get sorted out in due time. There are at last count just shy of templates on the Boonex market that allow you to customize Dolphin to your needs. Boonex Dolphin has been around for quite some time and has a pretty big following of users.

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Sounds Upload and share sound filesGroups Create and manage

You can add these by using this menu. There are a couple of inconsistencies that, while not rendering the tool nonfunctional, certainly don't make sense.