Brony dating sim kickstarter projects

Brony dating sim kickstarter projects

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This strategy has been seen before. Ask the project creator directly. You'll be playing the game soon enough, and when that happens we know you'll be blown away. Something has smelled fishy ever since the post went up, and it's not because it's lent either.

Then Sam released the following video. This could just be someone sick of hearing about the Dark Skyes controversy, or tired of being harassed by trolls. If Pukey was intimately involved with the production of Dark Skyes then they would most likely stand by for longer, or at least post some sort of defense of the project. The feeling I got from the group during my info gathers is that while they may not be the biggest fans of Bronies, they love taking down a scammer any chance they get. Money given to the Dark Skyes campaign will either be lost, or part of a joke that has already been outed.

In the time since our announcement a number of serious allegations have been thrown at the makers of Dark Skyes, with various elements of the web calling the whole thing a joke or a scam. Our credibility and the future of our game itself are currently under attack by members of the forum known as Something Awful. An interesting response was posted by a backer asking some very relevant questions. We spent too much time making it, and we don't really have any money or assets that anyone could sue us for anyway.

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As it stands now the new screenshots should not give a lot of confidence that the developer s can deliver. The unwillingness to show the Alpha, or even portions of it, is troubling. The repeating of backgrounds, and default Photoshop fonts and graphics is also a concern, but does not necessarily point to a scam. Abel and Skaggs are revered in certain circles because their hoaxes spoke truth to power. Because the alpha is built with no consideration for the visual aspect of the game.

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This brings us to the final point. The same characters in the same poses. Warning, it gets pretty offensive at the end.

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Sam Hyde is a character from New England folklore, renowned for being a teller of tall tales. We've been having trouble bringing the alpha into playable shape in time for the end date of this Kickstarter. We are hardcore perfectionists. Unfortunately it looks more like someone uncomfortable having their name associated with such a controversial project.

Clearly these people were friends of the creator trying to distract from criticism, but it was an impressive effort. Could just be a coincidence.

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Either way, Michael would be home free. You said that this demo gives us a feel for the game that we are looking at.

The short answer is no, there's nothing that anybody can do to prevent this game from happening, because we're not using any trademarked names or characters. The likelihood of this ever happening is slim-to-none, but we would probably just release the game.

Another person, Chris Conlon, tweeted that his picture was being used without permission. When this thing was finally canceled there was still four thousand dollars in pledges standing for this obvious hoax. Except for one artist, who apparently thought she was doing concept art for a comic book. Five terrifying tales of Kickstarter video games that will keep any backer up at night.

We did our due diligence and looked into this potential issue well in advance. Kickstarter is a trademark of Kickstarter Inc. However, this rabbit hole is even deeper and funnier. The name and photo match the identity of the unnamed person I referred to in the last update.