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This one is going for her annual check-up. The segment was an immediate hit and led to a broader take on the same theme where he began to interview people in public, especially about politics. The program exceeded the broadcaster's expectations, doubling its audience in that time slot. His antics sometimes became newsworthy, such as when he was banned from the National Congress after questioning Senator Renan Calheiros about corruption charges.

Critics praised the show

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The show expanded

These features could include private emails, overwhelming features, happening every other hour during the Denver Greek Festival. It related his family's customs and details of old relationships mixed with ideas from his stand-up shows. The Swiss Superman and Del Rey have been dating for more than five years. Recorded at Comedians Comedy Club, the shows featured showcase performances by stand-up comedians. According to critic Raphael Max, Gentili brought laughs to every scene shared with his co-star.

This standup show was written and

The show expanded to a fourth weeknight as it reached its th episode. In Greece, merging any distinction between visual euphoria and perceptive experience. This stand-up show was written and performed by Gentili, in which he spoke of every presidential candidate that year. Critics praised the show, which they said was on the same level as U. The process is simple as well all you have to do is give someone a thumbs-up if they catch your eye.

It was among the first clubs in Brazil dedicated to stand-up comedy. It's very easy and fast to introduce you with the perfect form. His fans seemed to connect strongly with his humor, particularly as Brazilian politics continued to spiral into repeated scandals. Despite doubts from the mainstream media, the show received excellent ratings for its time slot and was expanded from two to three nights per week. It's too late premiered in June on Rede Bandeirantes, with Gentili hosting.

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