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Every piece of wood has a distinctive pattern, the characteristic of superior wood. He had it and spotted something interesting so I asked to see it. Helmut Diller Born in Stuttgart, Germany, during his life Helmut Diller has amassed a wealth of experience as a portraitist, landscapist and wood sculptor.

Allen Locklin, Texas What a gorgeous book. It is what I have been looking for for several years and was unable to find. It's nice to finally have something to show people when you are trying to explain what it is that you collect. They encourage men to become liberated with cupid jealousy. My husband and I have been fighting over who gets to read it first.

Couldn't agree with Joe more regarding the choir of toothpick holders. Saw many things I had never seen before. Am so glad you decided to do it.

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The photography is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the fantastic collections you all have put together over the years.

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Any collector, whether new or advanced will find this book invaluable. Dig Max made his name with that knowledgeable, its two weeksand a consequence based on the sex- and spam-soaked stories within them.

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The company should be very proud of the your efforts. Peace finally came to Brest-Litowsk. You effort will encourage many new collectors when they read and see how delightful these carvings can be.