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Dating called tadhana

An eightyearlong relationship that was broken

That Thing Called Tadhana strips romance down to its core. The film keeps its feet firmly grounded within the realm of reality. The wickedly charming Tonyo then comes to save her from her misery. To make things worse, they both get invited to a wedding of their close friend, leaving them with no choice but to face each other. The story resumed in where Anthony was driving through Manila.

He also reveals to her what he has done in order to forget and move on from his ex-girlfriend who has long since moved on and forgotten about him. Anthony and Mace were shocked so Anthony said goodbye to give them some time to talk. While a frantic Anthony tries to negotiate a way to go back, Mace tells him that the baggage does not matter anymore in her present life. The Arrow kept on going until he met The Heart again.

Anthony reveals that he woke up before he got to that part but tells her that if he were to add something to it, it would be that she turns to him slowly to say she will forget her ex-boyfriend. Joem Bascon as Marco, Mace's boyfriend of eight years who extends his stay in Italy for his job and enters into a relationship with someone else. On the bus to Baguio, Mace associates a film being shown to a memory she has with her ex-boyfriend. On his way home Anthony was shocked with everything that happened for the past couple of days. On the plane, Mace watches and emotionally connects with the protagonists of the film One More Chance but vehemently declines the pack of tissues offered to her.

Miggy John Lloyd Cruz

An eight-year-long relationship that was broken in just seven words. Anthony reveals that his dream has been of the two of them just walking along Session Road. Miggy John Lloyd Cruz and Laida Sarah Geronimo try to co-exist in the same company, but their business decisions clash, causing awkward tension in the office. As she bemoans her fate and cries over her dilemma, Anthony shows up and offers to carry her extra baggage for her through his unused extra baggage allowance.

Anthony reveals that his

Anthony admits to having been unprepared and shares the loss and pain that he has suffered thereafter along with all other sorts of questions that has gone unanswered. He is able to establish trust, then a connection and eventually travels with Mace as she tries to get over the abrupt end of an eight-year relationship.