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Lisa on reception is professional and very approachable. If you are having the scan at weeks because of a concern about a possible ectopic pregnancy, it would need to be performed trans-vaginally. Any discrepancy in dating may be sorted out at this early pregnancy dating ultrasound scan. Trans-vaginal ultrasound especially if there is any pregnancy complications i. If you are having a Viability Scan at weeks it can be performed trans-abdominally through the tummy.

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Viability and Dating Scan

It is particularly important to have this scan if you have had vaginal bleeding or suspect an ectopic pregnancy. Sarah Elliott We had the harmony test with the Birth Company and had a reassurance scan with sonographer Kirsty McGarry who was absolutely lovely and really put our minds at rest. Kate scanned me the first time and put me completely at easy. This scan will also confirm the viability of early ongoing pregnancy especially in the presence of pain or bleeding or any other early pregnancy problems. We explained the situation and was treated very professionally and with good care.

The patient is provided images of the foetus. The patient will be asked to lay down on the examination table The abdomen is exposed and water-based gel is applied to the skin A transducer is glided gently over the abdomen by the Sonographer.

The results came really quickly. In twins, and other multiple pregnancies, the number of babies can be determined at this early dating ultrasound scan. The patient is required to drink fluids and refrain from going to the toilet, ensuring the patient is not uncomfortably full. During this scan the correct place of pregnancy is noted or otherwise Whether the pregnancy is intra- or extra- uterine.

It is advisable to come to the appointment with a full bladder as this will improve the visibility of the scan when performed through the tummy. Also speedy appointments also as I had phone in the morning and got an appointment by afternoon. The presence of fetal pole is checked as well as the pulsating fetal heart.

It can also show you how many embryos there are, confirm the presence of a heartbeat, and indicate the size of the sac or the embryo. At this stage it is unlikely that you will be able to see a heart beating but the consultant or sonographer will be able to confirm that the sac is in the uterus. On top of being clinically excellent she is also just the loveliest person and always a pleasure to see. Advertisement Early Pregnancy Viability Scan An Early Pregnancy Viability Scan can be helpful if you feel a bit worried or just want to make sure that all is well with your baby. She is absolutely amazing, she explains everything really clearly, and has answered all sorts of bizarre questions and worries I have had.

If you are having a normal pregnancy, then in most cases a scan by a fully qualified, experienced sonographer is fine. However a full anomalies or detailed scan are mainly performed at weeks. This dating ultrasound scan of your unborn baby is usually performed trans-abdominally.

Patients generally are able to view the image of the foetus on the imaging screen. Gross fetal abnormalities are usually noted at this stage. In either case, the scan usually takes about minutes.

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The scan and blood test where efficient without feeling rushed and all very easy. We request that no photographer or video is performed during the examination.

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Staff are always friendly and extremely efficient. If however, you are experiencing complications with your pregnancy or need a second opinion, a scan with an obstetrics consultant is recommended. Every staff member that myself and my husband have come into contact with have been approachable, professional and friendly. My appointment was with Kate who was absolutely fantastic. However this scan may be performed internally, i.