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However, there is usually a last minute glitch and they will request you to send them a large amount of money without which the trip will be impossible. There are various types of scams on the internet which prey on a person's good-hearted nature or vulnerability. As many people are now catching on to this, many scammers are trying variations of the same scam. Do you have any knowledge or experience of the Ghana scam to help others.

Some people start to question the relationship after they receive two or three requests for money and no visit. Solicitations for an investment scam can come via email, telephone or even in the mail. You might get an email apparently from the Nigerian police telling you they have closed in on the scammer and need a payment from you before they can arrest him. They will spin a story about how they have lost everything due to the disaster and tug at your heart strings.

Instead of asking you to send them money for their ticket, they will instead send you scanned copies of a ticket to convince you they are genuine and are really coming to visit you. Correspondents may cultivate the relationship for several months before asking for money, but if they are after your money, eventually they will ask for it.

Relationships can last anywhere from months before the Ghanaian correspondents will ask you for money. Money Order Cash Requests As opposed to some of the other scams, in this type of scam the fraudster takes their time to build a relationship with their victim. Start by considering the fact that scams are common enough to warrant this warning.

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The Nigerian Scams This breed of scams has been around for a very long time and is known as the advance fee fraud. At this point, relationships have usually advanced from email to phone calls. While there is no foolproof rule, it is best to avoid investing in opportunities that have been presented to you by someone who came out of the blue. There are a few variations of this type of fraud but the bottom line is they are all scams.

Gallery of pictures most commonly used in scams

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People want to use their savings for a worthwhile investment option. So say you have been duped by a Nigerian scammer and you contact the Nigerian police for help. These scammers know immigration rules and regulations well and might even cite some sort of visa requirement as their reason for requesting money. Scammers contact their victims on the pretext of offering them a job with unbelievably high salaries. This information in the hands of scammers puts you at risk of potentially losing thousands of dollars.

Disaster Relief Scam Every time there is a disaster like the tsunami, a tornado or an earthquake, millions of do-gooders want to do something to help the victims. Only after a relationship is formed does the correspondent advise that they are from Ghana. Participants have reported that the groups help underscore the breadth of the problem and allow people to see they are not alone. The scamsters will typically ask for your bank details so they can deposit the money into your account and once they have those details, they will rob you of your money.

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