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We face fatigue, frustration, failure or physical illness instead of blessing, joy and fulfillment. Let us totally rely on His goodness and grace and open our lives to Him so that we may receive the abundance of our eternal inheritance. Justice shall walk before him, and salvation, along the way of his steps. This is the time all the disciples longed for, Peter no less than the rest.

Obviously, the equation is not to be pressed literally. Material wealth will shackle us to this earth unless we guard our hearts and set our treasure in God and his everlasting kingdom. Always bless us with your grace so we may be able to set our hearts on our highest treasure which we can only find in your everlasting kingdom. Nor will the emotional bandages that we use for covering the wounds they inflicted upon us. As Jews, they had longed for the Messiah, and they had staked everything on Jesus as Messiah.

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What you do with those who beg from you is what God will do with his beggar. God calls each one of us to be a saint. He would not let go of wealth to take hold of the eternal life offered by the Son of God. He, his wife, Gisela, and his son, Emeric, are all venerated in Hungary.

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He was easily accessible to all, especially the poor. He had apparently thrown away his money, his career, and even his life.

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Henceforth, Stephen worked tirelessly to replace pagan practices with an authentic Christian culture. God does not show any partiality, neither is He against wealth and abundance as everything comes from Him. Because of his pride, Ezekiel says that he will be brought down by strangers and foreigners.

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