Eadv 2019 abstracts online dating

Eadv 2019 abstracts online dating

All e-Posters will be retrievable from each computer at any time throughout the Congress. After that date, no further alterations can be made. If you are using Photoshop to create your e-Poster, you will also be able to see the resolution, which should be a minimum of dpi. To be of value, your poster should not be too cluttered. All e-Posters should be created in landscape orientation.

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Lettering, including figure legends, labelling, symbols and graphs etc. Eyes should be blacked out. There were exhibits from a dozen of the largest pharmaceutical firms. Any material that is attached to an email will not be processed.

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Searching for a specific e-Poster in the viewing system will be supported by a powerful search engine. After the closing deadline, no submissions will be accepted under any circumstances. My very best wishes to you all and warm greetings, Prof. In any case you retain the copyright of the electronic poster. One of the greatest strengths of our Congress is bringing so many talented and up-and-coming professionals with different backgrounds together.

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With many opportunities to further develop your skills and continuing medical education, you will not have to search hard to satisfy your interests. Use light coloured fonts on dark backgrounds and dark fonts on light backgrounds so that your viewer can see your text clearly. Drawings, diagrams and photos are extremely helpful and often necessary to display results and conclusions. The Patient Society Village for patient associations is there to allow us to better understand their particular expectations, wishes and needs.

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