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Choose the Options button. The provider and properties are different for different types of data sources. When I tried to update the pivot table, it did not update.

One of the data fields contains names. Pivot tables from the same source range can share pivot caches, so this method is faster than looping through all pivot tables.

One of the members of my team left and was replaced by a different person and so rows that contained that person's name needed to be updated. It can also help prevent embarrassment when you forget to refresh pivot tables before sending out reports. The name of the current table is shown in the Table Name box. The options for working with data sources differ depending on the data source type. Similarly, let's say you only want to refresh one particular pivot table.

My name is Jon and my goal is to help you learn Excel to save time with your job and advance in your career. Variations for Refreshing Pivot Tables The macro we looked at will not only refresh your pivot tables, but will also refresh any queries as well. As soon as you change the database file, a message appears indicating that you need to save and refresh the tables to see the new data. Consequently, nothing will happen, and your last change will not be undone.

Here is how you can use that option. If you use the macro option, you lose Undo history, but the pivot table automatically updates whenever any change is made in the workbook.

Also, the auditors are coming, which is raising paranoia to new highs. The check boxes that allow you to filter the data still offered the name of the person that left and who's name had been eliminated from the data.

Go to the Analyze tabThere is an alternative

This is a good option if your pivot tables or data connections take a few seconds or longer to update, and you don't want to wait every time a change is made to the source data. The code loops through all pivot caches in the workbook and refreshes each one. The Source Name box contains the name of the table in the external data source. The actual data will be loaded into the model the next time you refresh.

This procedure uses

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There is an alternative that allows you to keep your Undo history. This procedure uses a simple Access database. Go to the Analyze tab in the ribbon. However, this alternative only refreshes your pivot table when the workbook is opened, not every time a change is made. RefreshAll End Sub This code would still be placed in the sheet module that contains the source data.