Flintstones - Die Familie Feuerstein

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Flintstones - Die Familie Feuerstein

He intends to finance the purchase by betting a week's paycheck at the dinosaur races.

Then Fred comes up withBarney startles her withInevitably Wilma discovers the big

Inevitably, Wilma discovers the big rock and of course thinks it's for her. Barney startles her with his weird scuba-diving gear, which includes a bow and arrow.

Then Fred comes up with an idea to get them into the arena after all. Barney accidentally shoots Fred's tube with his arrow, Fred sinks into the pool, and Barney rescues Fred's lunch. Then Barney decides to build a swimming pool, and Fred talks his neighbor into sharing the pool with the Flintstones. Barney and the girls strive to find a way to get back the old Fred.

On his way to the police station to return the money, he is seen with the bag of loot and mistaken for the bank robber. Now Fred will have to buy one for her, but he has no credit. However, the stunt leaves Barney barking, and the Rubbles and Flintstones must go in search of a real hypnotist to snap Barney out of it. The tycoon is needed to complete a big business deal, so his desperate employees find and swoop down on Fred to impersonate the rich man. Betty and Wilma take judo classes from Mr Hashimoto, and Fred decides to play a trick on Wilma by disguising himself as a prowler.