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The many sport drinks on the market are a good source of electrolytes and are readily accessible. The associated itching may be treated with topical or systemic antihistamines. See the North American heat wave article about heat waves causing physical damage. Heat syncope is related to heat exposure that produces orthostatic hypotension. If this continues for a duration of time it can lead to the development of chronic dermatitis or a secondary bacterial infection.

No treatment is required, although wearing support stockings and elevating the affected legs will help minimize the edema. One public health measure taken during heat waves is the setting-up of air-conditioned public cooling centers.

They usually develop in people performing heavy exercise while sweating profusely and replenishing fluid loss with non-electrolyte containing water. Record temperatures were based on year records Heat cramps are painful, often severe, involuntary spasms of the large muscle groups used in strenuous exercise.

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Avon Arabian Glow Multistylo Review, Swatch, Photos

Furthermore, in politically unstable countries, high temperatures are an aggravating factor that lead toward civil wars. Rehydration with salt-containing fluids provides rapid relief. Patients with mild cramps can be given oral. The heat edema usually resolves within several days after the patient becomes acclimated to the warmer environment.

The North American heat wave. As a result, available electricity supplies are challenged during a higher, wider, peak electricity consumption period. This hypotension can precipitate a near-syncopal episode. Heat exhaustion is considered by experts to be the forerunner of heat stroke hyperthermia. This means producing example time series of future weather.

It is also advised to wear loose-fitting clothing in the heat. Definitive therapy includes removing patients from the heat and replenishing their fluids. In Los Angeles, electrical transformers failed, leaving thousands without power for as long as five days. If this advice is not followed it may then lead to heat stroke. Heat exhaustion is marked by excessive dehydration and electrolyte depletion.

Wearing support stockings and engaging in deep knee-bending movements can help promote venous blood return. The chronically ill and elderly are often taking prescription medications e. If infection occurs a regimen of antibiotics is required.

It has been observed that for some heat waves, there is a compensatory decrease in overall mortality during the subsequent weeks after a heat wave. If a hot spell extends to three days or more, however, nighttime temperatures do not cool down, and the thermal mass in homes and buildings retains the heat from previous days. This heat build-up causes air conditioners to turn on earlier and to stay on later in the day.

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The sweat ducts may become dilated and may eventually rupture, producing small pruritic vesicles on an erythematous base. People who experience heat syncope should avoid standing in the heat for long periods of time.

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