The Hebrew Text of the Old Testament

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The Masoretic Text does not reproduce the original biblical text in all instances. This parsing dictionary give you a bonus, giving alternative parsing information for some Hebrew words. In this form, it was handed down further with meticulous care by the so-called Masoretes. Some Hebrew words or forms have different possible parsing data for the same form, this dictionary list all possibilities, if any, for those words.

Some Hebrew words are made up of more than one part. You then have to manually highlight each part for lookup of parsing information.

It provides the basis both for clerical training and for all reputable biblical translations. Unlike the scholarly editions of the Greek New Testament, the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia does not set out to reconstruct the original text of the Hebrew Bible.

You are welcomed to suggest features to be included in this coming update. Different parts of a Hebrew word have separate entries for parsing information. Eliran Wong hkwebtech gmail. The oldest direct textual witnesses are the manuscripts that were discovered from onwards in the Judean Desert in the caves of Qumran on the Dead Sea. You can do word and phrase searches both in English and, using strongs numbers, in Greek and Hebrew.

However, in view of the haphazard and incomplete nature of these text witnesses, complete reconstruction of a text of the Hebrew Bible is not possible. Some Hebrew lexemes may have more than one Strong's numbers, and some Strong's numbers have more than a single lexeme for each Strong number entry.

Hebrew Text of the Old Testament

Some Hebrew lexemes

They are glossaries, not translations. With the discovery of numerous manuscripts, above all the Qumran texts, we have at our disposal renderings of the Old Testament text that predate the Masoretic version. In addition, Strong's number system do not cover all parts of Hebrew words in the Hebrew bible. Therefore, this layout is available for Apple devices only. All operations that are needed for the scholarly process are allowed.

All parsing information is up to word level only. You may first check if your computer have already had it, and set this font for Hebrew text in e-Sword settings. These entries cover words, which Strong's number system does not cover.

The Masoretic Text does not reproduce