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  1. You'll have to impress them with basketball skill and knowledge.
  2. It doesn't matter if you choose the Library or the Cafeteria.
  3. Meet your clique after that to finish the chapter.
  4. Once you're in the main building, you can choose between Math or History.

This is the chapter things turn around. There's one more thing for you to handle after dancing, though. Time for you to make your mark! So better finish this task before the season ends. Where can I find the Veggies in the Par-tay level?

Convince him you're completely innocent and that you'll work on your grades to be off the hook at least until he walks inside. Gather ingredients for the strange concoction, and you'll destroy their popularity in one fell swoop. How do yu get the key frm the principals office I'm totally stuck help? Because your dad's home early. Remember, the Principal likes poetry and hard work, so keep that in mind when trying to ease his suspicion.

Afterwards, you'll hear laughter from inside. However, I understand that there are some tough goals here that needed a bit of a guidance to finish. You'll have to get the mascot costume from the gym. The only thing to really do in this chapter is impress the Principal.

Is that because i go to the jack backyard first? After the party, you'll be dubbed the new leader. Ethan or Chloe will then ask you to come check out what they're preparing for Halloween. In fact, you don't even have to clean.

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Time to clean up the mess. Then you go to the computer room to meet the leader. Sheena or Sid will then suggest you stand up to them.

Highschool hook up diary

Look Forward to your Response A. McSnowface - You can only find Mr. After the test, your clique will inform you that prom's soon and ask who you want to take. For more reputation gain, you can agree to it and convince your friend to come to the party in a costume.

Now, brooklyn ny dating there are two things you should do! Walk in to find the party laughing at your costumed friend or the leader of your clique criticizing you depending on your choice last chapter. Time to get the stuff for prom. McSnowface during winter duh! Having two or three will get the leader angry.

Once outside, you get to flirt with Lena or Ben, depending on who you play as. Don't worry, your choice of keeping control or having fun doesn't impact this. If I'm not mistaken, truths it's in the gym room but I could not remember the exact room. You have to run to class right from the start this chapter. Then return to the classroom a tap on the window.

Highschool hook up diary
Highschool hook up diary
  • Your crush will get angry about being played with.
  • Each chapter is seperated by at least a few days.
  • Sheena is not saying anything to help, the map too is not heling, it keeps returning me back to sheena.
  • Afterwards, Skye or Roman depending on who you chose, once again will be tipsy on the diving board and exclaiming they'll be doing tricks jumping into the pool.

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Right from the start, you can choose to try and keep the party under control or just have fun. You must go to the janitors closet In the gym and grab the fishing pole. You can choose to face them about still hanging out with the geeks, or sneak out the secret passageway in the auditorium. Im at the prom part and I forgot wht Sheena said it says to go whers the cars are and I go anf nothing happens.

Either way, you have to get the key from the Principal's office to get into the locked room in the gym. If you choose your clique, you have to call your dad and convince him to leave for a convention so the house is free. Nope, this is not a walkthrough because this game is really easy to play. You've got another test you can't be late to.

Highschool hook up diary
Highschool hook up diary

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Sheena or Sid depending on if you're Ben or Lena, respectively let's you know that not everybody sucks, and suggests you meet the super-geeks Chloe and Ethan. Once you're in the kitchen, the one you fought with earlier will spill their drink on you. If you choose to keep things under control, you have to do a few things around the house to keep things from getting too crazy. How do I take the people under control? If you ace the History exam you can get the achievement Total bookworm.

Pretend to be a spirit and scare them, and then head out to find the Alphas. After convincing them not to, vanderbijlpark dating site you'll be dating them for the night. Play it cool during the argument for the most reputation. Valentines Fail - Do this task before Valentine's ends.

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