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Women empowerment is one of the main pillars for the development of the rural economy. Nutritional deficiency is a major cause for concern in Madhya Pradesh as well.

He used bajra and wheat as a substrate instead of paddy straw to reduce time period for spawn preparation as well as mushroom production for higher profit. Nagaland has great scope of commercial mushroom cultivation by recycling paddy waste for higher income generation. The challenge was to convert the hilly area with laterite soil, which is more apt for rubber plantation, to a fertile productive land suitable for integrated farming with horticultural plants. According to the recent news, Hoshangabad district is one of the malnourished districts of M.

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Phipps stayed as a guest of the Curzons during his visit to India. Entrepreneurship development through spawn and mushroom production in Nagaland Mushroom, a wonderful human diet for all age group people because of its nutritional and medicinal properties. Shri Rajib Mondal of Dimapur started mushroom cultivation by understanding the scope and opportunities. For the farmers in West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and adjoining states, it is the breed of choice. In a recent event, the women groups of Murshidabad District of West Bengal have done a remarkable job by involving themselves in rearing of poultry and duck.

India Agricultural Research Institute

He also established a low cost mushroom cultivation unit and started producing mushroom spawn to mitigate the problem of spawn availability in Nagaland. The objective is to provide farmers with required information, knowledge and advisories on regular basis on region-specific farming. This was initially outside Delhi, but over the decades the city has grown much beyond the campus.

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