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However, it should be evident that the basic numbering system did not allow differentiation between different models or completely different types of mower with the same cutting width. Occurrences appear to support this theory. What links here It is not easy to date Atco mowers made before with any precision.

Atco used the same numbering system across it complete range. The company does not appear to have numbered its mowers or used any systematic dating process. The following guide will help give you at least a year of manufacture. From this could be determined the spare parts required and there was no need for any further complications.

Dating a J A P air cooled stationary motor

What links here It is notOccurrences appear to support this theory

Prestwich engines that graced these old machines. Cameron Racing Engines Also see below.

However it should be evident

Cameron Racing Engines is a small company that machines various components for the Ministry of Defense over in England. They do manufacture replacement parts for the originals as well which seems to be what Cameron Racing does. Prestwich Industries incorporated to acquire J. Second, many engines were supplied with a special number prefix which denoted their use on lawn mowers but offered few clues to their date.

These are what the factory called deviations from the standard specifications and could denote cam spec, piston type etc. The motorcycle engines were associated with racing success and were still used in speedway bikes well into the s. Built a cc three-cylinder engine for Dennell. Prestwich and Co Ltd and Pencils Ltd.