Kane and aj lee dating john

Kane and aj lee dating john

To make matters worse, James was also in a relationship with Doane at the time. She exacted revenge by costing him another match, then attacked him with Langston. One of those times that we were separated, I dated John for about a month. Again, mind you, that was all within a year.

The wrestler responded byShe hit his opponent Alberto DelHowever Lust has said that

Frankly, to doubt her at this juncture would be just plain crazy. Pucker up and get ready for the fireworks.

According to reports, Huberdeau was completely caught off guard when her husband said that he wanted a divorce and this prompted a nasty and public breakup. Some of these hookups are known facts, while others are merely rumors.

It was when we were both in Louisville. She challenged Paige to an impromptu rematch and won back the Divas Championship.

However, Lust has said that she had never even met Cena, let alone had a relationship with him, but she also admitted that she would be more than willing to hook up with him. The wrestler responded by saying that he wished he could have, only she was married at the time. She hit his opponent, Alberto Del Rio, with her title belt to protect him from further head injury, prompting a disqualification. Being a true lady, she would not go so far as to name the third party in question.

Even though she has adamantly denied the rumours, many believe that she is the main reason why John Cena and his wife got a divorce. In fact, the lip-lock was so bizarre, so left-field and so instantly iconic that she still gets tweeted about it today. In the hierarchy of kisses, Dolph Ziggler apparently reigns supreme.

She did drop a subtle hint or two, though. That could have been my beard for life, which is something I wake up in a cold sweat thinking about. Leaked photos of Lust, who is also married, wearing skimpy lingerie while holding up a championship belt seemed to confirm the allegations. Oh well, at least he got to make out with her on-screen.