Marder 38t matchmaking, the semi-random thoughts of lewis maskell

World of Tanks 8.9 released. Brings 7v7 tank battles to the table

It also makes it much more difficult to gauge when to turn back to defend base, for example. The Black Prince is a piece of shit, because of the gun. This was considered an improvement, dating asian which required balancing.

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It will take longer if you are either not good it or dislike, hate, complain about the tank you are grinding in any way. Going forward into March I intend to make a determined effort to start amassing those credits. Varenje Achievement List Revealed. Some are even stack-able with your seal clubbing and may benefit with crew training and your grind to tier X. Yep its true but what i say is that its difficult to play with the chaffee or other scout.

These players are most likely using a Turbo controller and automatically clicking X button and going off in one direction. All News Gaming Deals Site. It is as reliable as an ice cube in the Sahara desert. Once you are done with the scouting, page switch to the Damage Dealer since damage will come naturally during game play and can be stacked with any of the other ones. You have arties with more cover than these td's.

Statistics analysis has shown that exceeding that limit is usually only possible with abuses, africa and not through gameplay. Always look at the xp gained after the match. Please enlighten the rest of the world which ones those secret mass produced well documented tanks they are whit holding from us. Maybe you need to adjust your strategy.

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Hetzer (WoT)

Due to weight, space and time constraints, the Marder series had relatively thin armor when compared to other armored vehicles of the era. The Marder is a good example of what to expect out of all of them. All Marder series had open tops although some were issued with canvas tops to protect the crew from the elements. Do not get discouraged by the matchmaking or other randoms on your team.

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  • Will come naturally as you get Sherminator.
  • They are like arties, yet they will have do have thick armour.
  • As I said, to much unproved theory at theres tanks.
  • It feels sluggish, and the gun is inaccurate as hell.
  • This article relies largely or entirely on a single source.

Despite their mobility, they did not replace the towed antitank guns. However i dont know what is the perfect way to gain a lot of money because i play this game for fun and not for achievements. It is fast and has a good view range. The faster, less armoured or weaker hitting heavies should support the brawlers by flanking.

Weak Spot Guide Hetzer - World of Tanks Guru

The following tips on tank selection are based on personal experience. The armor was also quite thin, 20 inspirational dating tips from making them highly vulnerable to enemy tanks and to close-range machinegun fire. What it lacks in pen it more then makes up with in the ability to send a massive amount of shells down range quickly.

Achievements not unlocking. But the moment you meet someone at a higher tier, who just laughs off your derp. Nothing I can come up with.

  1. At least first four of them existed for real, i.
  2. Hetzer you can snipe with or you can brawl, other tanks do well as second line support.
  3. One saving grace is that the Valentine as regular, not scout, matchmaking.
  4. Low penetration and low alpha damage.
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Hmu to work on the online achievements. What tanks should I have in my garage? Longest grind of all achievements.

Here are some of my tips on how to save silver and make it. The Challenger was the previous loser, but now we have the Swedish tanks. If so, maybe we can help you learn how to improve your play. Call of Cthulhu Walkthrough Discussion.

In contrast, yeah, hetzer can be fun, in its own tier, against noobs who don't know how to handle you. To see what I mean, conjure up what one thinks of when one thinks of a light tank. Artillery Captain You've played matches as artillery, Make it Rain! It got to the point you couldn't hit an enemy until they where close enough to spot it.

Unlike that much-despised vehicle however the Valentien has saving grace in its weaponry. Use Tankopedia to find out more about characteristics of various vehicles featured in the game. You have successfully started your Soviet tank collection. They are not the best of its tier or class but the bonuses make up for lack of stats. You have successfully started your British tank collection.

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Remember as well it is easily possible to get into that scout tank with considerably less than games played. Maybe that particular tank fits your playstyle? If the tank has horrible camo value or has a large silhouette, there is no point on putting camo net or adding the camo perk. However, with good angling you will still get bounces. It means that you have to commit yourself to a particular area of the battlefield, and only in the longer battles will you move out from that.

Frankly, the Matilda does it better with the same matchmaking. Because of the lower player count the matchmaking system can be more accurate in pairing up teams of a similar skill level. One factor which may limit the actual Tier leveling up will be the lack of silver to purchase modules to unlock the the next tank or to research the higher tier tank. December has not been as successful as I hoped back at the start of the month, and I have not achieved all that I desired. Yes, once you're spotted, you're dead.

Medium You've researched a tier V tank. Also, bad players would have to wait several thousand battles to get better. This is a perfect world scenario where both players have the exact same tanks, silver and current xp.

You will need to research another Tier X tank to pop cheevo until a fix or patch is released. Even if the gun is decent. And when it does penetrate, almost nothing. If you like a particular tank or country's tanks being from that country etc you will go through any grind fast. Many of the individual Achievements should pop during the course of one grind to tier X.

This casts a pall over the entire tier. Stand By Me Survived and won a battle along with one or more platoon mates. Light Captain You've played matches as a light tank. The turret is quite strong, but is easy the flank it, and get the side of the hull.

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Firepower is more optional, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Medium Snipers must go an engage the enemy if there are no other light tanks to do so. Iconic tank traps The situation is made worse, however, by the position of scout tanks on the tech trees. All tanks can play any of the roles, if your team loses specific tanks during the battle.

Absolute Achievement in World of Tanks Mercenaries (Xbox )

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