Massacres escolares yahoo dating

Massacres escolares yahoo dating

It is just the latest episode of a recurrent nightmare for the workers and oppressed, which will only end through building a real revolutionary leadership, a genuine Trotskyist party. They wound up turning the presidency over to the head of the Supreme Court. Articles by radical groups and leftist academics have focused on the scope of social movements, the hopes of the oppressed masses, and the fact that Morales is the first indigenous president.

Students threw rocks and sometimes Molotov cocktails when the military attempted to take over the National Polytechnic Institute. During these protests the country went to the edge of civil war. It poses anew the question of how to defeat and uproot imperialist oppression, not just in Bolivia and the Andes, but throughout Latin America. Burrus in the New York Public Library. Before the official swearing-in, he went to Tiawanaku, the pre-Inca ruins shown in the video, and had a ceremony with yatiris Aymara priests.

They were protesting against Morales and accusing him of continuing the U. For seven months it debated its own rules of procedure, how its meetings would be run. And it has included the forcible eradication of coca crops, sometimes by Bolivian troops on their own, sometimes together with U.

Below is an expanded version of the presentation by Abram Negrete at a forum of the Internationalist Group U. Their press runs fairly frequent coverage of Bolivia. As its name indicates, it is a collection of sworn testimonies. Particularly the women marchers, who were armed with sticks that had nails through them and shouted cierren, cierren shut down to all the stores and the people selling items on the street.

The question of gas, oil, and all the most important resources in the country is a political question, a question of power, of which class will rule. The gathered crowd cheered on the students, only to be dispersed by armed police forces when the students had reached the front of the Presidential Palace.

This is the same business elite that was calling for Indian blood just a few months before, to shoot down the indigenous protesters on the altiplano. Then he went to the queen and she got him some cold medicine.

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He and his group were some of the most enthusiastic supporters of the nationalization of Gulf Oil carried out in Bolivia in by the military regime of General Alfredo Ovando. Nothing was nationalized, nothing was expropriated, nothing was confiscated, nothing was taken over. Not only is it not fulfilling those needs, it is strengthening the power of the big landlords, and this is not just an economic question. And then he turns around and makes special homage to his friend, the Queen of Spain.

In populist style, he used these and other symbolic gestures and rhetoric to dress up actions that serve the ruling class. There may have been other instances of similar violence during the nonviolent campaign, but they are not known. This can be seen in many parts of the region, and it keeps cropping up in Bolivia. These are some of the different recipes for managing Bolivian society that have been attempted. The peasants and poor people who voted for Morales see this for the racist ploy that it is and vehemently oppose it.

Here is where we begin to get an answer to the question I just asked. So after coming to power, Morales held elections to the Constituent Assembly and convened it. So these multitudes or ever-shifting, amorphous masses have replaced the clash of class against class. Yet the Morales government did no such thing.

Articles by radical groups