Nade and jenna dating

Nade and jenna dating

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And if you don't stop me, I'm going to kiss you. On the way to the airport, she discovers that Carter has known where he was for weeks and didn't tell her in an attempt to woo her away from Nate. Having never seen the letter, Jenny believes Nate lost interest in her and moved on. She takes this to mean that Nate is seriously planning for their future and gets so excited that she tells Jenny. Look, I know we both care about Blair but maybe the best thing is for me to just tell her the truth.

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He reveals what his parents want him to do and she encourages him to make his own decisions. That night, Nate agrees to go to a Brooklyn art party with Chuck and Jenny, but Serena gets upset when she realizes where he is.

Nade says that it was the most difficult moment in his life and they all bonded as a family together and overcame the despondency. However, Carter later reveals this meeting to him in front of Jenny and Eric. She confronts Nate about it and they start fighting about who is keeping secrets from who. However, Jenny knows that he isn't and tells Blair about what happened at the ball. In the short time they date, Nate buys her thong underwear and the two are accidentally filmed fooling around by Vanessa in a video that goes viral.

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At the end of the series, Nate leaves to sail around the world to avoid ruining Blair and Serena's friendship. As a result, Nate is angry that Serena is not talking to him and ends up spending more and more time with Jenny.

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By the time he arrives home, Jenny's crime has been revealed to her friends and their father, Rufus Humphrey. Furious, Blair fires Jenny and she and Nate break up that evening after she explains that she knows what he did. He confesses that he loves her and wants to be with her before kissing her. Jenny pulls away and runs off right before the real Serena comes to tell Nate to look for Blair Waldorf. He tells Jenny about the letter himself, and says he isn't interested in her anymore after what she did It's a Wonderful Lie.

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He is the captain of Optic Gaming and a co-owner too. However, Nate doesn't want to do so due to his break up with Blair. Before the plan takes place, the guilt of stealing the letter convinces Vanessa to tell Nate she stole the letter and accept the consequences.