Nanaimo hookup

Nanaimo hookup

Hopefully there will be a late run of big chinooks. If you get tired of ordering in, find yourself a date on Squirt. Coho spoons and Gibbs Crocs also work in the salt chuck.

Westwood Lake Campgrounds

Bathhouses are great places for anonymous hookups because you're in a safe public space and clean up is always easy. The pink salmon are either over one month late or will not show up at all in our waters this year.

Top baits now

It was nice to see our local waters so alive with humpback whales, orca pods, huge bait balls, and lots of salmon. Lingcod and bottomfish will close for the season at the end of September. The gear guys will score using Buzz Bombs or Zzingers especially when the fish are out of casting range for the fly.

The chinook salmon will be going up the rivers soon and towards October there will be more coho than chinook. The art of angling is to entice a fish to take your fly or lure. Fly fishermen have been travelling north to Campbell River to find pinks.

Catch them by trolling a bit

Freshwater - There should be our usually opening for chum salmon on the tidal portion of the lower Nanaimo River in late October. Respect the fish and use tackle that matches the quarry, so that if you want to release it the fish will be able to recover relatively quickly. Generous retention of chinook, chum and coho make this a true harvest fishery. Fly fishing - sink tip lines and B. The coho will soon be joined by chum salmon, and will keep the river action going a bit longer.

For the hearty fisherman winter chinook

Float fishing - chartreuse or peach wool ties are your best bet. Jumps and long runs typify this species. It is heart stopping to see a lb. Stop in at the store for best colour picks.

Catch them by trolling a bit faster, using bright green and chartreuse spoons. Top baits now that the salmon are migrating through the lake salmon paste, pink salmon eggs, roe or worms always worth a try. For the hearty fisherman winter chinook yr.

Hopefully we'll get some rain to help them up, as the snow pack is getting low. Some big cash prizes are awarded. Coho Killers of other small spoons trolled at feet should work on the coho. Freshwater - The Stamp river has opened early. The coho return was good with solid fishing through the summer, a few sockeye salmon were even caught in local waters.