Online dating lie about income

Online dating lie about income

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Here are some major things people tend to fabricate on their profiles, according to three different experts. As you can see, people advertise disproportionately high salaries for themselves.

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People do everything they can in their OkCupid profiles to make themselves seem awesome, and surely many of our users genuinely are. But in this case what was more interesting than the sex was the supposed tallness of the guys. They tend not to put up pictures of totally different people. And they might not be consciously lying. Job This might not be an outright lie, more a reimagining of an actual job.

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The better the picture, the more likely it is to be out-of-date. Almost universally guys like to add a couple inches to their height. People are two inches shorter.

We found that it matters a lot, particularly for men. Look at the graph to watch as people exaggerate more as they get older.

Yes, you can try to woo your date with dinner at an expensive restaurant. But when she comes home with you and discovers that you live in a bedsit in north Wembley, she might start to suspect the truth. Most modern cameras append text tags to the jpgs they take. People do everything they can in their OkCupid profiles to make it the best representation of themselves. However, better photos were much more likely to be outdated than normal ones.

The above picture, for example, was over two years old when it was uploaded. After all, sumo wrestlers are athletes. But the trouble is you probably lied about those things as well. Your prospective bride might have set her search requirements for someone over six foot, meaning she would miss out on ever seeing your handsome face.