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She kept putting me off on marriage. So I was getting frustrated. So I thought I would pass this information on in the hopes of drying up their list of available men - I mean income. That was the last I've heard from her. They sell pens, pensils sic and other office supplies.

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One day after a prolonged email

It is hard to make sense of this considering the the area has been closed to western scrutiny until recently - because of the tank and weapons factories. One day after a prolonged email silence, I received the following email from VasilisaPlus chat. Her mother and aunt laughed at my letter.

Her mother and aunt laughed at

Since her birthday was soon, I thought of sending her something - a bit romantic, but also some things we had in common. She was born in Kopeisk, also spelled as Kopeysk and Kopejsk.

There were many believable ones, but no improvement in our communications happened, even after I managed to get an email account on Chat. She seemed intelligent, was certainly pretty and was charming. She was in Germany with some other western man. She was living at her parent's and was thinking of renting a flat in Chelyabinsk.

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Certainly a lady whose English is a second language would not be able to keep up. Personally, it doesn't matter much to me - the money never counted - but the principle does. There were a great many things that simply did not make sense, and I asked Elena about them. We communicated and as it turns out, he was corresponding with Vasilisa, supposedly her co-worker.

It is hard to make

In late February I went to Russia to spend another week with her. She did not answer certain questions about her family, her answers were terse and sometimes it was like she was confused with who she was talking to. She would bus an hour to work, and an hour back every day.

The key is the mailing address. After further querying she stated it was a universal language of business - and I could agree that this would make sense. Some things I got answers for, others I did not.

Of course, she had never answered my question about getting a passport, but she had not trouble getting the money I wired via Western Union to pay for the duty and taxes. This is the true test though, she should have given a street address and did not. She never did give me a telephone number and said she was using the computer at her work. Then emails stopped for a while. The only time I was approached about money - I had finally gotten frustrated and asked her why she would have no telephone and what it would take to hook it up.

She would bus an

It is a small city on the outskirts of Chelyabinsk. What she did ask is if I loved her. She has no job, nor does her mother or aunt who she lives with.