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With a soft blue shirt and gray suit, a guy can complement the soft orange yellow glow of this shade of champagne. Because the hues of champagne can vary, a guy should first look at the exact dress color before deciding what shirt to wear. When the chosen color of champagne is a pale orange yellow hue, the complementary color is a pale blue. Television hosts, Foxtel, decided to use this song as their theme song for the series.

Essentially, the color of a champagne dress would mimic the color of an actual glass of champagne. It's hard to justify it when you're just playing other people's songs. Defining Champagne Before a guy picks out a button down shirt to wear with a champagne dress, he first should know what this hue actually looks like. No need to be going away for months on end, away from home, away from family.

He moved to Australia in and subsequently became an Australian citizen. Complementary Color Scheme When trying to match the pale and delicate nature of a champagne hue, guys need to find a shirt that will not overwhelm the color of the dress. After two months on the road across Australia, Stevens took a break. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the color of champagne is defined as pale orange-yellow shades to a light gray-yellow brown hue.