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Carlos attempts to revive a premature fetus whose mother he accidentally injured. Faith arrests her husband for driving while drunk. Impulse Bosco brutalizes a murder suspect. Doherty faces serious consequences for his gambling losses and endangers his son. However, none of these are commonly used.

Sunny, Like Sunshine Bobby visits his older brother in prison and tries to express his feelings to Kim. The term began as an informal discussion on usenet lists alt. Officer Involved Davis shoots an innocent man.

Doc brings Carlos along on a personal mission to locate the owner of a lost watch. Bobby and Kim argue heatedly. Doherty gives ex-wife Kim a bulletproof vest. Bosco captures Jerry's attacker without firing a shot. Ohio Stuck in a hotel kitchen and garage for long hours as they baby-sit a senatorial debate, the cops debate politics, and the paramedics recall the worst thing they have ever seen on the job.

The combined effort of police, paramedics and firefighters is required to get an extremely obese woman to the hospital. Carlos is upset about Doc's relationship with Morales. Bobby finds his brother covered in someone else's blood. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Doherty reveals he's dating a cop.

Bobby's mother will not allow her son Matty to attend the family's holiday celebration. Treating each other as one would like to be treated.

Yokas tells Bosco not

Carlos questions Vangie's sanity. Yokas tells Bosco not to lie for her. Doc and Carlos must rescue a man after an explosion.

The story was in the news for ages, such a tragedy on all accounts. An off-duty Bosco robs would-be robbers. Doc cancels his date with Brenda. Doc learns that his father's drug overdose was not accidental. Sadly this is a story that could happen anywhere so that's irrelevant.

Journey To The Himalayas Davis learns of his father's corruption. Davis and Sully's working relationship improves, but Doc and Carlos get into a fistfight. Bosco struggles with homophobia. Yokas is enraged by Bosco's treatment of a wounded thief. Jerry decides not to return to work.

New Dating App Lets Ravers Find Festival Love

Doc and Carlos must

Matty hides from the police. Tensions escalate between partners Bosco and Yokas. The suicide of his first partner causes Sully to reflect on his own life. Bobby welcomes his brother home from prison.

Anyways its a pretty good Lifetime movie, Kim Raver is convincing as the widow and I liked how it is slowly revealed what actually happened to her husband. Anywhere But Here Jerry survives surgery but remains comatose. Kim tells Bobby that sex with him was a mistake.

Carlos questions Vangie's sanity