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Meanwhile, Erica told Steele the first thing she was going to do when she got home was Facebook and call him. The four contestants were then left as the last two couples standing and departed the competition without having found Love in the Wild.

While Mike and Samantha enjoyed their time at the Oasis and ziplining adventure, the rest of the couples spent time getting to know each other better in their less plush cabins, or bungalows. She's going to be a great girl for some guy someday. As time progressed, the couple got along worse. Big celebrity engagement rings. The couples blindly drew maps from a bag, which revealed one of the five destinations they must travel to first.

Me and Erica were both getting attached to each other. As a result, Steele was forced into the unmatched area. Following Steele's rejection of Erica, Erica still asked Steele to give their relationship another shot, but Steele chose not to accept the invitation. We had a blast together, but then again, I don't want to be here with someone who doesn't want to be here with me. This marks the first time the two have made a red carpet appearance together.

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He also began to worry that Erica felt more strongly for him than he did for her although he suggested his feelings were growing more everyday. However, Steele asked Brandee to be his partner in an attempt to leave Erica behind, but Brandee declined his offer.

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Steele said he connected with Erica but felt she was getting too serious too quickly for what he was ready for. Mike and Samantha, Heather and Miles, and Skip and Theresa all opted to remain partners and continued to build strong connections. Brandee refused to stay with Ben, putting herself into the unmatched zone. It was on-the-spot rejection.

Mike and Samantha Heather and Miles

Erica apparently had no interest in getting to know Ben, so she remained in the unmatched area and Ben joined her. She also declined to change her mind and ask Steele to become her new partner.