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Door frame components are made with mortice and tenon joints which are glued and nailed together. We are the specialist in making the Main Doors for your beautiful home. Glazed doors offer a sense of security as a barrier. Paneled Doors Timber for stiles and rails of paneled doors should be of same species from seasoned wood. Nowadays frameless glazed doors with glass made of only tampered glass are used.

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No matter how beautiful is home interior front doors and windows are important to add an extra beauty. Apartments change hands for over a million pounds on a usual basis. The timber should be plane, smooth and accurate to the required dimensions.

Rajesh, Bangalore It was the best opportunity to consult you and know many varieties, which perfectly matches to the interiors. Doors are well polished and can be expected for durable use. Spikerwindows provide all kinds of upvc products. If your apartment is located within stories of the ground, then this is something to consider if you want the real wood finish.

Climbing ladders is dangerous enough without the weight of a window to carry, or the complexity of trying to hold a tape measure while balancing precariously on the top step. These doors do not rust, provide weatherproof qualities but they can be water stained easily and look white due to oxidation.

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These doors are not suitable for entry doors as they are combustible in nature, hence they should be saved from fire. The various sizes of different parts used in panel shutter are following. Upvc products are extremely durable and stronger than other materials.

We provide fostered and all bases finely covered at doors construction. From manufacture to concluding stage of perfect finished doors, we have involved and executed with high professional standards. These doors are provided in shops, departmental stores, hotels and commercial establishments etc.

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On some floors, our fitters can use platforms to get a good view from the outside too. Spiker windows have ready made upvc windows, frames so we have customers all over the world.