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Com goes directly to everyone in the alias file. If you don't receive your own posting, this means the message might not have made it to the list, and you should contact the administrative address. This is one of the worst things a person can do.

If you ask a question that is covered in this file, I can't even guarantee that I'll be able to take the time to tell you to look here. Do not forge mail to the mailing list.

This is the general rule for most mailing lists when you need to contact a human. All opinions and postings are welcome. It also revealed that the Chamoru people are the most geographically dispersed Oceanic ethnicity in the country.

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Also, do not send images, sounds, or anything else of large size to the mailing list without first contacting me at the administrative address. They are available from the respective maintainers. Samoan American is a subcategory of Polynesian American.

Here's the general information for the list from Reto that gets sent out every month. There are many reasons why Marshallese came to the United States. The list's main purpose is to discuss related matters concerning these cars whether it be technical or not.

Micronesian Americans are Americans of Micronesian descent. This list is not affiliated in any way with anyone at Mazda. Utah has the largest Tongan American population and Hawaii has the second largest. When you post, only use regular ascii text. There is an archive of the messages to this list maintained by InReference, Inc.

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Before you post to the mailing list, keep in mind that many people will be reading what you write. Many mail user agents Eudora, Navigator etc. If you are going to include something, only include what is relevant to your posting. Hello and welcome to the mailing list.

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As ever, I welcome discussion on how the list is run. It should be used sparingly. Given the amount of people on the list, if you receive a couple of bounces, that is still a pretty low percentage of failures. However, you should always receive a copy of your own submission to the list if you are on the digest you should receive it via the digest. Including the whole digest not only increases the size of the next digest two-fold, but it is very annoying.

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This is an automated message. For this reason, Samoans can move to Hawaii or the mainland United States and obtain citizenship comparatively easily.

Micronesian Americans are