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Our goal here is to get a small group of airlines, airports and tourism authorities together to understand more about what each of them are trying to achieve. Nick said he knew most of his matches, but was keen to get to know one mystery lady who was equally as enchanted. Airports and tourism authorities tell us that having these personal connections makes the longer-term relationships more rewarding. This includes conference space and all meals during the event.

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Nick said he knew mostAirports and tourism authorities tell usReally the principle behind itOur goal here is
The first Australasia Roundtable in

Participants interact with industry counterparts and airline representatives in an intimate setting that encourages conversation and engagement. The first Australasia Roundtable in had great feedback - which is why we are doing it again. Really the principle behind it is to allow airports and tourism authorities a more intimate, informal interaction with airlines. Secondly, being able to socialise with the airlines in a small environment is crucial - which is why we place so much emphasis on keeping it small and including great social networking opportunities.

Secondly being able to socialise

In we offered the first Roundtable in Australasia. The trio was reunited at the Wharf Tavern's Speed Dating night, after Brooke had insisted on bringing her friend out for the night.

Participants interact with industry counterparts