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Clever sliding rear seat is a practical feature Colours and trim A mix of light and dark materials inside the Yaris help to create an airy atmosphere. Smoother shifts are achieved in manual mode or by choosing the manual gearbox. Although the initial purchase price is slightly above some rivals, this may well be offset over a period of ownership. Costs Factors such as the economical engine range and high security levels should make the Yaris a very cheap car to run and maintain. Spare wheel Space saver spare wheel mounted under the boot floor.

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Servicing times have been reduced over the old mode, and longer-life components reduce the cost of maintenance. Otherwise the light controls make parking the Yaris a simple affair. Only the initial purchase price may be an issue for some first time car buyers. Rear seat passengers on the three-door model benefit from a sliding and tilting front seat.

The potential downside is that the new Yaris is less distinctive, and it has less of the cheeky charm that contributed to the success of the original. Car safety Toyota has increased the safety specification of the Yaris, fitting it with some features that are uncommon in this class.

Accessibility A high roofline and large doors makes gaining access to the Yaris easy. The diesel engine provides useful torque and good acceleration, making the Yaris feel nippy in town and on the open road, although the amount of diesel clatter may be off-putting. Car security The Yaris is equipped with a number of security devices. The wheels are pushed to the extremities of the car, all of which contribute to interior more space.

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The adjustable rear seats would be very useful for accommodating various combinations of passengers and luggage, while the diesel engine should make short work of pulling a full family load. First car appeal The Yaris would make an ideal first car, given its easy driving style, practicality, low running costs and reliability. The car's styling has undergone radical change in order to maximise interior space. The same can be said for the boot, although the boot handle feels tacked on. The few negatives are the thrummy diesel engine and the lack of finesse in the driving experience, but for many buyers these are minor issues that will not spoil an excellent small car.

Central instrument display dominates the dashboard Family car appeal With good interior space and a flexible load area, the Yaris would make an excellent family car. Overall the Yaris cabin creates a good impression. In terms of image the Yaris comes across as a smart and modern supermini, though it can't match the style of some of its rivals. There are also a number of useful storage areas, including an unusual compartment behind the steering wheel. Driver appeal Smoothness and comfort are the key strengths of the Yaris in terms of driver appeal, as the refined drivetrain makes progress simple and undisturbed.

Most road imperfections are dispatched with ease, although a series of small sharp bumps will find its way into the cabin. Toyota has also made improvements to the Yaris as an ownership prospect. The boot has electric lock activation making it impossible to pick, while the doors have fully shielded locks.

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