Characteristics of a Sociopath

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Characteristics of a Sociopath

It's sad because people do what you're doing to others all the time and begin claiming that they're in a situation for such and such a reason, when you have no idea. She has exhibited these dizzying, confusing qualities in her relationship with me. Compliments usually feel good. Change your cell phone number, your home number, everything.

And this is for all who feel they are in a hopeless, no-win situation. Narcissists tend to be self-deceived, so they think that they are the same as everyone else, just better.

That is putting the responsibility on the poor victim who is suffering and needs help in their situation. This being the case, you can make healthy choices for yourself. You want to know the truth. For instance, I have only once revealed myself to someone I had just met, but it was obvious from our conversational topics that if he weren't a sociopath, he was something akin to it.

Jane missed her own sister's wedding because George had beaten her so she couldn't come. They will call you night and day to tell you what crap you are. By managing the time that you spend obsessing, you can pass through the phase and move on with your life.

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One way or another, you have discovered that your partner, family member, friend or colleague is a sociopath. They want you to feel as low as they feel about themselves and worse. They refuse to be abused for one more second. My mind can't reconcile the seeming inconsistencies like other people's minds do, apparently. That is probably the dumbest quote used by people today.

But we can't feel happiness if we can feel sad. He is no less treatable or curable for the comparatively inconstant expression of his sociopathy. It could be their relationship with you.

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If the job market were better, I think I could have gotten a job which would have helped me move on faster. Most narcs and sp's are just purging their inner demons or monsters onto their victims. Abusers choose all types, but they do generally choose the most caring, kindest people, and intelligent because they use people's kindness against them to manipulate and abuse them.