Twins dating same girl usher

Twins dating same girl usher

But as the song suggests, despite their closeness as twins and their intimacy with both Usher and R Kelly, they at no time mention to the guys that they have a twin. Late in the year, it was revealed that Kelly and Aaliyah had wed in August and gotten an annulment shortly thereafter.

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Kelly at the airport in an Aston Martin Vanquish and the two discuss the way they each met this girl in their respective home towns. Kelly, in an attempt to resolve the situation working together with Usher, flies out to meet up with Usher in the chorus.

Kelly and his supporting band Public Announcement began recording in at the end of the new jack swing era, yet he was able to keep much of its sound alive while remaining commercially successful. The second release was the worldwide studio album Love Letter, a classy and retro-minded affair issued only a couple months later. Kelly who feeds all the information to Usher about the girl. Also a bit convenient that both the twins would both separately date slightly dim multi-millionaires.

If this is the case then the twins both lead very similar lives, in fact exactly the same lives. Kelly and Usher talk about a girl they love who turns out to be the same person. This is something that is addressed in the video. However, in the end of the video, they stare at each other dumbfounded as they realized the girl they thought they were both dating is actually extremely identical twins. Kell's with Usher is a great combo and the video is hot too.

Meanwhile, work on his next album, Loveland, stalled amid more heavy bootlegging. Poor R Kelly, if any of you see him, just give him a hug from me.

Late in the year

Later that year, Kelly released a self-titled album that became his first to top the pop charts. This theory makes sense as it is R. Some radio stations dropped him from their playlists, and anti-Kelly protests were staged in Chicago.

It makes more sense if you think that the the twins were con artists looking for easy targets. However, at the end of the video, as their plan is carried out, it is in fact Usher and R. While he created a smooth, professional mixture of hip-hop beats, soulman crooning, and funk, the most distinctive element of Kelly's music is its explicit carnality. You could say the phone contacts list was lazy video production work but Director X.

Just over a year later, he had another new album ready to go. This is never actually stated in the song, though, so it is debatable whether this is also the case within the song itself. So maybe in his loneliness he creates an elaborate plot so he can hang out with Usher for a while. The news sparked a small storm of controversy in the media, yet it didn't hurt the careers of either singer.

As the second verse begins, Usher picks up R. Talking to each other, this paranoia escalated to crazy levels. Maybe the twins both have a terrible sense of direction is my best guess. In the meantime, the much-delayed trial finally took place in and Kelly walked free, having been found not guilty on all counts. However, Usher self belief in his slutiness is actually justified as the video shows that he apparently is a massive slut because he recognizes the girl at the end of the video.

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