Van hansis dating jake silbermann

Van hansis dating jake silbermann

And this information is straight from

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We spoke with Jake

The point is, even if they did get back together, it was only because Reid died. It ain't the meat it's the motion. It sounded like a really different role for daytime, which it is.

We spoke with Jake Silbermann to find out. Van was present at one of our final auditions. Not the way it happened between Luke and Noah. Those scenes are important.

And yet my threadSoaps are obviously known

Luke and Noah finally kiss tomorrow. If actors do not perform a script it is not canon.

Moderators this has turned into another soap argument thread and they are starting to come out of the woodwork. Paul James and I went to Syracuse College together. It is kind of a milestone for daytime television. The story is really about to just pick up.

And given their track record they would have split up two weeks later. There have not been any new characters in his age range on that show, I am just curious. For a genre not known for its subtlety, his coming out journey has been surprisingly realistic and poignant. So old Noah ended up as second choice anyway.

So he pretty much played a non-factor role in his own storyline. Folks would like to now more about you. So I guess that is canon too since the actor portraying Luke said it. Goutman couldn't stand the character of Noah and really wanted him gone. It was not sanctioned by Proctor and Gamble who own the characters and has no more weight than any fan fiction.

The scene when Luke came out to you was well written and you guys did a great job of acting in it. He barely used it on him and it took them two years to get around to it. Seems like you are one glutton for punishment. Luke has been fighting his growing attraction to the seemingly straight Noah, especially as Noah started a romance with Maddie. That will probably get cancelled by next year anyway.

If actors do not perform aHis blindness was supposed to beLuke and Noah

His blindness was supposed to be the end of Nuke and send him out of town. And this information is straight from members of one of the writing teams for the show. And yet my thread gets deleted. Soaps are obviously known for their steaminess and the episode from last week where you and Van are shirtless and end up in each others arms fits the bill as steamy.

We read together, and it was very natural. Those moments are what romances are built off of.

You seem to get way more pissed off as your posts reflect. Noah is definitely still trying to figure things out, and in some ways, the kiss brings up a whole new set of questions for him.