Voz de kanon de geminis latino dating

Voz de kanon de geminis latino dating

Saga, horrified, and refused to punish his brother condemned him to be locked up in prison Marine Cape Sounion. Possessed by the evil part, tries to facilitate the rebirth of the god Cronus ordering all Saints present to the Sanctuary to refrain from fighting.

This attack was powerful enough to completely destroy Phoenix Ikki in the manga. Therefore, despite the interventions of Leo Aiolia, Shura and Taurus Aldebaran, Kronos succeeds in its intent, freeing Megas Drepanon, regaining its divine body but losing his memory.

Brought in front of Athena, refuses to kill his goddess, who is then forced to stab himself in the throat alone to acquire the eighth sense. This dark personality is tyrannic, manipulative and power-hungry. After, Saga's evil face revives as a servant of Kyoko, but he don't follow her faithfully. Saintia Sho As a anti-hero, he helps in the battle against Eris, send Milo to kill her. Send though, some Gold Saints to battle against the Titans, so that the ichor of divinity defeats can go to fuel the rebirth of Gea, real goal of the moves of Pontus.

He is recognizable by dark white in anime hairs and red eyes. During the climb of Cronus to twelve houses, personality changes becoming good and personally addresses the god holding the dagger of gold reaper. As all Gold Saints, he possesses a Gold Cloth, which is almost indestructable. Apparently on his side, tells Seiya still be devoted to Athena, and to have fought to help him regain the seventh sense and be able to defeat Abel.

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After conversion to the good of Ikki and the failure of the Black Saints, Saga exterminates them all, causing an earthquake that is engulfed the Death Queen Island. Minister Gigas and the captain of the guard Phaeton. Protect Athena with Abel and text Seiya.

He possesses great psychic powers, able to creates illusions in the Gemini Temple from the Chamber of the Grand Pope. In reality, the true intent of Saga is to defeat Cronus and rule the Earth in its place. He want protect the world in exchange to do his wickedness, but he want kill the other gods and Athena, to become a ruler, and don't cares with the people. The first of the two is also killed by Saga, for having failed several times to recover the Cloth of Sagittarius.

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But Saga also has a dark part. He is the Gemini gold saint, keeper of the third temple and the older brother of Kanon. Episode G Gemini Saga acquires additional thickness in the manga prequel Episode G, set seven years before the classic series. Precisely because of this dark entity present in Saga, the Pope Shion did not take it as his successor, preferring to entrust the task to Sagittarius Aiolos. After this Saga clashes with Lynx Jaoh one of the devotees to Saint Abel and sacrifices himself with a suicide attack to kill him.

Back to being good and ritrovatosi face to face with Athena, Saga asks forgiveness for all the harm done, and you kill by stabbing his heart. In other words, the negative part of Saga abuses his role as Pope to give vent to his lust for power, explaining his actions as legitimate.

Possessed by the evil partHe possesses great psychic powers able

The target becomes extremely blood-thirsty and this curse can only be lifted by seeing someone die in front of them. Powers and Abilities Saga, being a Gold Saint, is extremely powerful.