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The Madhouse Act and the Metropolitan Commission in Lunacy from

Alice in Wonderland had been published before he came to Guildford although in he completed his second Alice book Through the Looking Glass whilst staying at Guildford. There is no reason to believe he had any sympathy with efforts to protect the rich from inspection.

Toplady composed the ever-popular hymn Rock of Ages apparently whilst sheltering from a violent thunderstorm. Clearly a man of great versatility. Defoe was a prolific writer having produced over books, pamphlets and journals on a wide variety of topics. There is no Hanna nor Hannah in the census.

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The author Jonathan Swift qv worked for Sir William for a period as his secretary. Her novel Middlemarch broke new ground with social observations of the time. The Bill was a revision of the Madhouses Act in the light of a few years experience. If you want to ask out someone that you already know, from work for example, you usually skip the night out and go directly to the fika. Tennyson was also to suffer ill health, financial failure and developed a nervous instability.

What other bills did pass that session did so by the adoption of unusual procedures which allowed them to be dealt with without detracting from the main debate. In the middle of the Reform Bill crisis one has visions of the relatives of aristocratic lunatics scurrying into the Prince's Lodgings to protect for ever their family secrets. Emma Brooke - Novelist and Fabian socialist from Weybridge was an energetic activist for equal rights for women. MacDonald had been enthusiastic in his reception for Carroll's ideas for the adventures of Alice especially after seeing the excited reaction of his three daughters. In they moved to a house on the outskirts of Westerham.

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Subsequent ministers, such as Lord Chancellor Lyndhurst and Home Secretary Graham, saw the possibility of tidying up the whole situation by combining the Visitors and the Commissioners. The Guildford House Gallery in his home town houses a collection of his portraits. John Austin - A Weybridge resident who was attributed with being a leading political philosopher of his time. Whilst later working as a book illustrator he trained himself to paint in watercolours and quickly became a sought after artist. William Curtis - An Altonian who devoted his life to the study of British plants.

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The family pile was at Portmore Park near Weybridge. As a result of a favourable decision, Winifred and Alice entered the Dr Barnardo's home, and, as mentioned earlier, Arthur and Elsie seem to have left their sisters by this time. Temple created a garden of some note in the new Dutch style and made a canal its centre piece. The second alternative is more complicated.

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