Prince William and Kate Middleton and Celebrity Couples Who Were Friends First

William and kate first started dating a divorced

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the Royal family has plans to have their annual Christmas party soon and various things could happen during the event. Still, they remained close throughout the years and their relationship eventually evolved into romance.

Prince William's recent act of issuing a statement in support of his brother's decision to defend his girlfriend Meghan Markle has made matters worse for Kate Middleton, reports Game N Guide. The Queen is said to be approving of their budding relationship and also in favor of Harry's marriage with Meghan despite her Hollywood connection.

Though the duo faced intense romance rumors almost immediately, Kristen Stewart was actually dating someone else at the time of their meeting. At the time the movie was being filmed, both were involved in other relationships, with Ryan Reynolds married to Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively dating Gossip Girl costar Penn Bagdley. It is said that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are divorcing because he has chosen to support the relationship of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Though the duo shared a

The two went public with their relationship in and still seem to be going strong. This reportedly did not go well with Kate and only served to further the rift between the two. These reports could possibly be true but still remain as speculation since neither Prince William nor Kate Middleton confirmed any information so far.

Reportedly, Kate Middleton nor Prince William don't feel the spark in their relationship anymore as they spend lesser time together lately. Even then, their romance started somewhat accidentally. She sees her as a more suitable contender to become the next queen as Meghan's humanitarian work has impressed the grandmother of her boyfriend.

She sees her as aWe decided to have dinner anyway

It seems that Queen Elizabeth will need to look elsewhere for new Queen of England and Meghan Markle could be trustworthy enough to inherit the crown. Though they went their separate ways as they got older, they eventually found their way back to each other after finding success in their respective fields.

As Vanity Fair once recounted, the pair lived in the same dormitory at University of St. Though the duo shared a steamy kiss in the music video for the song, Grande was actually dating someone else at the time and the two never took their friendship to the next level. We decided to have dinner anyway and never looked back. Rumors started to swirl that Prince William could possibly confirm his split from Kate Middleton after several months of speculations.

We were friends long before we dated and we still are now. The two began dating in and Grande has since spoken out about the relationship. Sources say that the royal couple is not on good terms with each other and thinking of ending their relationship. Also, Queen Elizabeth's older grandson was reportedly appalled after finding out that his Kate Middleton wants to become a Hollywood celebrity reader than to become the next Queen of England.

According to same rumors, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been constantly fighting over various things in the past few months. Talk about a fairy-tale romance. As previously reported, Queen Elizabeth has been convincing her older grandson to dump his wife.

William and Kate and More Celebrity Couples Who Were Friends First

Even then their romance

Rumor also has it that the Duke of Cambridge is now ready to announce that he is divorcing Kate Middleton. Kate is said to be furious with her husband for doing so and it led to a bitter quarrel between the two that ultimately made Kate fall into depression. So, it does seem like Kate Middleton does not have anyone to support her in the royal palace. Since Royal family is always in the center of public attention, there are many rumors about them. Same speculations say that Prince Harry's brother had already decided to dump his wife due to her poor parenting skills and luxurious lifestyle.

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